v1.2.2 - Official User Guide

Install a theme

The process of installing an existing theme to a website made with Bancha is very simple. To add a new theme, locate the /themes directory and place the new theme folder inside that directory.

In that directory you will find also two pre-installed themes: /themes/sandbox and /themes/teabag.

Activate a theme

To activate a theme, open the Bancha administration and go under the Themes page. You will find a table with all the installed themes displayed and two columns for each row: desktop and mobile. Here you can define a different theme for each of these two user-agents.

After selecting a theme, clear the cache (session+cookie) of your browser or visit the /go-desktop (or /go-mobile) page from your browser and you’re done!

Note: you can also change the theme from the Bancha Settings page.

Here you can find useful informations about creating a new theme: Create a new theme

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