v1.2.2 - Official User Guide

Adding a new languageΒΆ

To add a language, first of all locate the website_languages under the application/config/website.php config variables, and add a new language as in the example below:

$config['website_languages'] = array(

    'en' => array(
            'name'                  => 'english',
            'locale'                => 'en_US',
            'description'   => 'English',
            'date_format'   => 'Y-m-d'

    //New languages goes here

Now, duplicate one of the “website_homepage_xx” fields in the application/xml/Settings.xml scheme, using the language shortname, such as the website_homepage_it field.

Finally, create a page with that language and publish it, and go to the settings view to set it as the homepage for that language. You’re done!

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