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The tree model is used to extract the pages. Is automatically loaded by the framework, and contains many useful function. Tree are cached on the filesystem inside the application/cache/_bancha using the content type plus the languages as name. You can clear the cache of the trees using the function below:


//Or just on a single content type:

Note: the trees cache is automatically cleared when you manage the pages through the Bancha administration.

Extract the website tree

To extract the pages of a website (using the content types defined in the config file) you can use the get_default function:

$website_menu = $this->tree->get_default();

//If you are inside a theme, you could also use the tree() function to get the same result:
$website_menu = tree('default');

Extract a branch of the tree

To extract a branch of the tree (its child pages), you can use the get_default_branch() function passing the id of the page/record as first parameter:

//Our current page

//The branch of the current page
$childs = $this->tree->get_default_branch($page->id);

Extract the branch of the current page

To extract the branch of the current page, you can use the get_current_branch() function:

$childs = $this->tree->get_current_branch();

//Inside a theme, you can also reach the same result using the tree() function:
$childs = tree('current');

Extract a custom tree

If you need to extract a custom tree, you can use the many functions of the tree model such as the following example:

$tree = $this->tree->type('Menu')->where('id_parent', 2)->get();

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