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Pages model are used to work with the pages of the website. Basically, when a Record of a page structured content type is saved, a page is also saved on the pages table. A page store the basically informations of a record, such the id and the title, plus the partial slug and the full url.

NOTE: tipically you don’t need to use this model because you can create the pages using the GUI from the Bancha administration.

The slug of a page is called uri, and to manage the hierarchies of the pages you can link each other to its parent using the id_parent attribute (the id_record of the parent page).

You can use the pages model with the records model (that are auto-loaded by the framework) to create a page, such as this:

//We create a record of type Menu (the default type used for the pages)
$my_page = new Record('Menu');

$my_page->set('title', 'My first page')
        ->set('uri', 'my-first-page');

//We save the record
$id = $this->records->save($my_page);

if ($id) {
    //And we save the page

    //And we finally publish the page

    //Now you can reach the page in this way:

To extract the pages, use the Tree model.

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