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Create Record objectsΒΆ

To create a Record, you can make a new instance of the Record class passing the content-type as first parameter as follows:

$post = new Record('Blog');

$page = new Record('Menu');

$comment = new Record('Comments');

Then, you can set the values to the record using the set instance method:

$post = new Record('Blog');

$post->set('title', 'My first post')->set('author', 'Nicholas');

Finally, to save a record you can use the save() function, or you pass it to the Records (Contents) model (both solutions are equals):

$done = $post->save();

Let’s look at a further example. Here we create a new blog post and we link to that post a comment:

$post = new Record('Blog');
$post->set('title', 'My second post')->set('date_publish', time());

$done = $post->save();

if ($done)
    $comment = new Record('Comments');
    $comment->set('author', 'Nicholas')->set('content', 'Hello!')->set('post_id', $post->id);

    //We can also publish both records

Finally, we delete all the things we created:


See also: Records (Contents) model.

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