v1.2.2 - Official User Guide

Create our first page¶

By default, the pages of the website are linked to the content type named Menu. You can change this behaviour adding an array of types to your config file application/config/website.php, listing one or more content type to use as website pages:

$config['default_tree_types'] = array('Menu');

Tipically you just need a single content type, so let’s go on.

On the right upper side of the list you will see the Create new page button. Let’s create a new page!

Type “My first page” as Title and paste some text to the content textarea, click “Save and go to list” and voil√†: your first page is done!

The pages of a website are hierarchically, so feel free to set the parent page of this new page as you prefer.

To propagate the page that we just created on the production environment, publish it! (if you are new to the stage-production environment, remember to read first The stage workflow)

It’s time to create a post for our Blog! Proceed to the next chapter of the tutorial: Create our first post

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