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Using a relationΒΆ

After setting up a relation (Defining a relation), you can easily get the related records of a record in this simple way:

  • On a 1-0 or 1-1 relation, you will get a single Record object.
  • Otherwise, on the 1-n relations you will get an array of Record objects.

Set up the following relation on the “Blog” content type:

relations :
        post_comments :
                type : 1-n
                with : Comments
                from : id_record
                to   : post_id

or using XML:

<relation name="post_comments" type="1-n" with="Comments" from="id_record" to="post_id" />

Then, access the comments of a post like this:

$comments = $post->related('post_comments');

More informations: Defining a relation.

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