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Defining a relation

Sometimes you will need to set-up a relation between two different content types. Bancha XML schemes permits you to define 1-0, 1-1 and 1-n relations. Relations are defined inside the content node of the content type as follows:

relations :
    relation_name :
        type : 1-n|1-0|1-1
        with : Destination content type name
        from : Fieldname of source content type
        to   : Fieldname of destination content type

or using XML:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<content id="1">
    <relation name="" type="" with="" from="" to="" />

1-0 and 1-1 relations

Used when each record of the content type can be linked to none or just one record.

Definition example:

        type : 1-1
        with : Colors
        from : id_record
        to   : id_color

or using XML:

<relation name="color" type="1-1" with="Colors" from="id_record" to="id_color" />

1-n relation

Used when the record can have more than one childs, such as the comments of blog posts. Example: we will define this relation on the content type “Blog”:

relations :
    comments :
        type : 1-n
        with : Comments
        from : id_record
        to   : post_id

or using XML:

<relation name="comments" type="1-n" with="Comments" from="id_record" to="post_id" />

In the above example, we are setting a relation named comments of type 1-n, between the field id_record of the content type “Blog” to the field post_id of the content type named Comments.

Likewise, on the Comments scheme you will define the opposite relation as follows:

relations :
    post :
        type : 1-1
        with : Blog
        from : post_id
        to   : id_record

or using XML:

<relation name="post" type="1-1" with="Blog" from="post_id" to="id_record" />

This system permits you to set up a relation between a Record and its childs. On the next sections of the documentation you will discover how to work with records. Setting up a relation between a content type “Blog” and its comments gives you the ability to gets all the comments of a post at a glance.

For more informations, read the next section: Using a relation

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