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A fieldset, as in HTML is just a set of Fields. A fieldset must have a unique name, and every content type can have infinite fieldsets. Each fieldset will be a section made by one or more fields (you will likely see many <field> nodes and fews fieldsets).

Use fieldsets to organize semantically the fields on the administration.

A fieldset can also include a 16x16 px icon, using the “icon” attribute. The available icons are included under themes/admin/widgets/schemes_icons. Feel free to add many other icons as you need.

This will be a tipical structure of a fieldset node:

fieldsets :
        - name   : General informations
          icon   : page
          fields :
                my_field : ...
                other_field : ...
                third_field : ...

or, if you’re using XML schemes:

<fieldset name="General informations" icon="page">

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