v1.2.2 - Official User Guide

Why Bancha?

Bancha (番茶) is a Japanese green tea. It is harvested from the second flush of sencha between summer and autumn. We chose this name because we want developers to relax as they are drinking a tea.

  • Bancha is a Content Management System written in PHP5.
  • Bancha doesn’t sacrifice the performance of a static site, because under the hood it uses many different caching systems.
  • It’s modular, so it can be extended with different types of modules that you can develop by yourself.
  • It’s totally open-source (you can download the source from
  • It’s easy to install and to maintain. It doesnt’t need any complicated or advanced infrastructure: just PHP5, some extensions and a DB server.
  • It totally separates the application framework (MVC) from the website themes, so it’s easy to use for web developers as well as web designers.
  • Uses a wonderful ORM system to “play” with the database objects without the needs to write a single query.

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