v1.2.2 - Official User Guide


v 1.2.2 (2012-06-14)

  • Installed themes config variable removed
  • Now you can just place a theme in the themes directory to install it
  • New theme added: teabag
  • Now you can correctly create new controllers inside the application controllers folder
  • register_package and unregister_package methods added to the Content Library Class
  • Now modules can registers theirself to add their package path to extend core classes, helpers, etc.. inside their “extend” folder, such as application/modules/mymodule/extend/helper/some_helper.php
  • Modules now can also implement a dedicated menu on the administration if they registers as “package” on the settings. Please read more on the documentation
  • Fixed a bug on the settings “delete” method
  • New categories() method on the record object to extract an array of the record categories
  • Speed improvements on the related_records() function of the frontend helper
  • Added an example controller: application/controllers/example.php
  • Better controllers documentation

v 1.2.1 (2012-05-02)

  • Added a cURL extension check on the getter() function (website_helper)

v 1.2 - MAJOR UPDATE (2012-04-30)

  • AUTO UPGRADE FROM 1.x: run “bancha update” from the bash
  • MANUAL UPGRADE FROM 1.x: replace the core folder, the themes/admin/widgets folder and move your modules from core/modules to application/modules
  • PostgreSQL drivers temporarily disabled due to core incompatibilities
  • YAML Schemes added!! Now you can use them instead of the XML ones
  • Premade schemes converted to YAML
  • Documentation for YAML schemes
  • Fix on the install process on some database drivers
  • Initial “bindtextdomain” Gettext check
  • New core class: Packages
  • Modules have been moved from core/modules to application/modules
  • Modules files now doesn’t need the ModuleName_ prefix
  • Modules now can be installed from the Bancha Modules Repository or by uploading a zip file
  • Modules install file: modules now can implement a “<modulename>_package.php” class with various methods called on modoule install/uninstall
  • All previous modules have been removed from the core
  • “related_records” function added to the Frontend helper. Please read the doc for further informations about this function
  • Categories on Record edit form are now ordered by name and displayed one per line
  • Now the semantic_url function works also on “tree structured” Content types (such as the website pages)
  • jQuery updated to the latest available version
  • Removed some legacy javascript code inside the admin custom.js script
  • Constants: FRPATH renamed to BANCHALIB, FRNAME renamed to BANCHA
  • Minor fixes

v 1.1.1 (2012-03-24)

  • Corrected a little “not null” bug while installing the DB on Postgres SQL

v 1.1 (2012-03-19)

  • Bugfix corrected on the Type tree scheme
  • New Javascript application file by @domsmasher (html5 boilerplate)
  • Custom feed template is now available on the core/views/type_templates folder
  • Htaccess file now correctly supports subdirectories
  • Some fixes on the rss+json feeds
  • The tree() function now accepts also the starting page record id
  • XSS clean added on user inputs (such as the comments script on the sandbox theme)
  • Strip tags added on the event name when is displayed on the “Last events” page of the admin
  • Merge of the development branch (security fixes)
  • Some italian localizations
  • Rendered views array reversed to reflect their real order (on the website profiler)
  • Doc: 1.0.8 changelog list slightly changed

v 1.0.8 (2012-01-02)

  • Strip tags added on the events log (title field)
  • Triggers on publish/depublish now triggers the production tables instead of the stage ones
  • Comments count fix (triggers added on publish)
  • The tree() function now accepts also the starting page record id

v 1.0.7 (2012-01-24)

  • UPDATING FROM PREVIOUS VERSIONS: add the new “Services” fieldset on your application/xml/Settings.xml to include the Akismet support that we added
  • IMPORTANT: The home template has been renamed to homepage.php (from home.php) - check out your content types schemes and view files.
  • Removed some old english localizations
  • Pages and tree documentation added
  • Added a “default” switch on the tree() function (frontend helper)
  • Akismet anti-spam library added (libraries/external/akismet.php)
  • Akismet support is now included on the comments saving script (sandbox theme)
  • The comments saving script has been moved outside the type_templates. Now the script is located in views/extra/comments-save.php
  • Deutsch translation added (thanks to Patrick Kriechbaumer @pk-informatics)
  • Issue #92 resolved (users/groups)
  • Groups/permissions view messages now should be working back again
  • Issue #94 resolved (cached page encoding bug)
  • Added an “order_by” condition on the content types xml scheme (issue #88). Please check the documentation to see how to implement it.
  • Added a “View content” button on the flashmessage after saving a record throught the administration: click it to be redirected to that record on the website (needs a page that is listing content types of the same type of the record)
  • New methods added to the Record Objects: save(), publish(), depublish(), delete(), delete_related($relation_name);
  • Records documentation has been improved with the “Create record objects” page.
  • XSS Filter added on the login and the comments saving script.

v 1.0.6 (2012-01-14)

  • New administration page: Image repository (to manage your media files)
  • Password are now stored with standard md5 encryption.
  • Big refactor and improvements on the Users and Groups ACL.
  • Issue #92 corrected (users can delete the user’s own)
  • More documentation on the database application config file.
  • Added a remove() function that deletes a single key on the Record Object class.
  • Comments on the sandbox blog post detail are now automatically published.
  • Core dispatchers have been moved outside the library folder and can now be extended such as other classes.

v 1.0.5 (2012-01-09)

  • Now you can search for more than one content types as time! The find() and records->type() functions accepts an array of content types (names).
  • Added an order_by function to the categories model. That function has also been used on the categories view of content types.
  • Wordpress adapter now can link each post to its categories (they must be created before importing the posts).
  • Added an “or_where” method on the records model.
  • Added the documentation on the Record Objects and the records model.
  • Now you can select to serve the homepage without the initial 301 redirect: this results in a big speed improvement (active by default - you can disable it on a variable placed into the website config file).
  • New method on the tree models: set_request_uri()
  • New blog detail view (with comments) added to the boilerplate

v 1.0.4 (2012-01-07)

  • Fixed a bug on the categories update script (return removed in a foreach cycle)
  • Tree helper now extracts the tree when is not already loaded (so the tree is now loaded also on the 404 error page)
  • New feature (based on issue #86): now you can switch between the preview and the live website from the profiler topbar without logging out of the administration
  • Issue #85: now you can create your dispatchers inside the application/dispatchers folder. For further information take a look at the dispatchers documentation
  • An example dispatcher has been added inside the application/dispatchers folder.
  • Issue #87: your application routes can now be extended using the application/config/routes.php file

v 1.0.3 (2011-12-27)

  • New API added: Save records
  • Now the saved records use the first language available (only when is not setted)
  • Publish/depublish record bugfix when saving into external tables (issue #82)
  • Speed increase on record saving script: empty fields will not be populated anymore
  • Image presets documentation
  • Repository refresh bug now should be fixed (#83)
  • Repository preset url now correctly works cross-browser
  • Repository sidebars have been switched (now the repository is the first visible one)

v 1.0.2 (2011-12-08)

  • UPDATING FROM 1.0.x: you need also to merge the “website.php” controller inside “application/controllers” (we just added a new constant), the “application/xml/Settings.xml” and the /index.php file
  • Base Reactor (CodeIgniter) has been updated from 2.0.3 to 2.1
  • New attribute on the “field” node: “kind” (used by the scheme library. accepted values are “numeric” and “text”)
  • New library “Schemeforge”: creates and updates the custom content types tables: now is possible to automatically create external tables based on the content types
  • Huge refactor on the Default dispatcher: page and record routing should gain a 100% speed increase on some queries
  • Contents and Pages views have been merged into a new view, accessible from the left menu (Content types)
  • Bugfix on the publish log
  • API documentation added
  • Settings documentation added
  • Dispatchers documentation added
  • Settings “module” has been semantically renamed to “namespace”
  • Little bugfix on the “lang” field of the “Settings.xml” application scheme

v 1.0.1 (2011-12-05)

  • New categories search function added (frontend helper)
  • Many languages have been added to CKEditor textarea
  • Now you can choose the language during the install setup

v 1.0 (2011-12-01)

  • 1st December, 1.0 is finally live!!!
  • New theme: “sandbox”, the starting boilerplate for your themes!
  • We removed the old two themes (we hate legacy support)
  • Rendering process has been re-factored from scratch
  • Global variables added
  • New front-end helper: we greatly improved the rendering process to make it more designer-friendly
  • Designing themes become easier with the new front-end functions

v 0.9.11 (2011-11-30)

  • New “API_ENABLED” configuration constant. GitHub Issue #78
  • Custom redirection after the login process. GitHub Issue #79
  • New Resources minifier (a dispatcher) - now JS and CSS resources can be minified
  • New function: minify() that accepts an array of resources to be minified (returns an url)

v 0.9.10 (2011-11-26)

  • Content types documentation completed
  • Themes documentation added
  • Fields documentation added
  • Cleanup and more readability on the website config file

v 0.9.9 (2011-11-22)

  • New helper function: semantic_url() that will (try to) generate the detail link of a record.
  • The function above, uses also a new ad-hoc function on the model_pages called get_semantic_url().
  • We started a new branch on GitHub named “wpthemes”. We’re working hard to implement the full-compatibility between Bancha and Wordpress themes. More details will be available with the next Bancha releases.

v 0.9.8 (2011-11-18)

  • Fixed a bug with the page address listed on the record edit view when the “prepend language” was disabled.
  • Token index removed on SQLite installations (improves the compatibility)

v 0.9.7 (2011-11-16)

  • Major compatibility on the type() and set_type() functions (content and records classes) on fail
  • Some improvements on build_data(), build_xml() and related() functions of the record class
  • ACL check on the api types() function
  • Documentation: added the content types and fields pages

v 0.9.6 (2011-11-13)

  • Some XML nodes have been renamed to remove the underscore (categories, hierarchies, parents, etc...). Please update all your scheme to stay updated with the core xml parser.
  • Tables and the primary key on the XML schemes have been merged into a single node
  • Fixed a bug on the type_template rendering function (missing .php extension on file_exists)
  • Token generation has been changed to improve compatibility and to maximize the performances
  • Added a new column on the api_tokens table: content
  • Added an index on the token field of the api_tokens table
  • Compatibility fix on the administration theme by @dombender

v 0.9.5 (2011-11-09)

  • We are working hard to write all the extended Bancha documentation
  • To contribute with the documentation, check the new “core/documentation” folder
  • To compile the documentation, you must install Phyton 2.7 + Sphynx. Read the Readme file in the above folder
  • You can find the static compiled documentation on the project folder “/documentation”
  • Config variable “views_absolute_templates_folder” has been removed
  • New documentation theme: Banchize
  • Bug fix on the application/config.php (the core config file was loaded instead)

v 0.9.4 (2011-11-06) Live from #banchafest

  • We decided to use an external folder for the application, so we added a “core” folder with the Bancha framework
  • Controllers, Helpers and Config files can now be overwrited by the ones placed in the application folder
  • Javascript refactor made by @dombender
  • Bug fix on the mobile settings variable (View class)

v 0.9.3 (2011-11-05)

  • Wordpress adapter now adds the website first language as record language
  • Added a new function on the model_records: id_not_in()
  • Now the Tree cache should be always clear the page tree using the website languages (instead of the administration ones)
  • We added a new property on the Lang class: $this->lang->default_language
  • Now the select fields use the default language of the website (the first of the config array) instead of the current one
  • The above change should be reflected around Bancha, so it results in a better language compatibility when using different languages between the admin and the website
  • New API method: types() - documentation will be available soon

v 0.9.2 (2011-11-04)

  • Layout fix on the type delete view

v 0.9.1 (2011-11-03)

  • The limit function of the Records, Pages and Users model now will prevent a negative limit to be set
  • Page URI now will be trimmed by whitespaces at the end/start of the string
  • Content Class got a new function: Simplify (to convert Record objects into arrays)
  • New experimental sidebar: Relations
  • The mime type text/plain has been added to the CSV adapter
  • Added the strpos function to custom.js (same of PHP strpos)
  • Bug fix on the add_hash function (custom.js) to improve compatibility on Firefox
  • Tree content types now have a relation with their childs by default

v 0.9.0 (2011-11-01)

  • Default type templates views (detail and list) have been refactored
  • Corrected a bug on the “where_in” active record function (missed a space after ‘AND’)
  • New admin layout! Re-designed from scratch :)
  • Blog premade template: little bug fix on the “published” field
  • Added a config variable to set whether multiple tokens can be handle a single username
  • The attach_url() helper now correctly skips the language parameter when generates an url
  • Added a “separator” parameter to the breadcrumbs helper
  • Introduced the relations between record objects (1-0, 1-1, 1-n) - experimental
  • New function added to record objects: relation()
  • Relations documentation has been added
  • New method added to the API system: logout
  • Added the API documentation
  • Tokens have been slightly changed to improve compatibility between different types of requests
  • Many italian translations have been added
  • Removed the “username” key on the api_tokens table
  • Added a “limit” parameter to the last events controller (dashboard/events)
  • Records that are not published will be displayed with a yellow background on the record list
  • Added a third parameter (per_page) to the record_list function
  • Added a “note” attribute to the description node of each field

v 0.8.4 (2011-10-25)

  • Experimental: API implementation
  • New table added: api_tokens
  • New controller added: Api_Controller
  • New model added: Model_tokens
  • Now is possible to login via the new API system
  • You can query the records model via the API method “records” to retrieve records or perform many other operations

v 0.8.3 (2011-10-24)

  • Now is possible to choose the theme before installing Bancha
  • Bugfix on Javascript for each cycles (only on Webkit browsers)

v 0.8.2 (2011-10-22)

  • Javascript record validation added (validate.js library)
  • New node on field schemes: <rules>. You can use the standard CodeIgniter “FormValidation” library rules
  • Removed the mandatory node on the field schemes. Now you need to set it into a rule: <rule>required</rule>
  • Added a popup when a record form contains some errors (plugin: jquery colorbox)
  • Added an escape parameter to the ActiveRecord “where_in” function
  • Categories query (dispatcher_default) has been moved inside the “where_in” clause of the next query
  • Hierarchies query: same as above (speed increment and two less queries)
  • Added the password input field
  • Added a “confirm password” field on the users XML scheme
  • Clicking on the filename (repository - documents finder) now will attach the file to the textarea

v 0.8.1 (2011-10-20)

  • Import of CSV files is now possible
  • New class type: Adapters
  • Added a new adapter to handle CSV files
  • Added a new adapter to import wordpress xml files
  • Wordpress adapter now can import also the post comments
  • Refactor of the datetime parser on the Record class
  • Visibility field moved (tree types)
  • Corrected a bug with the .po files and the record list table headers
  • Added many italian localizations to the .po files

v 0.8 (2011-10-19)

  • Local date and datetime format are now applied to new records regarding of the current language (issue #65)
  • Theme cookie update (issue #67)
  • Added new contributors to Humans.txt file
  • The install button will now fade out during the install
  • Added a dummy “about us” page on the install default preset
  • Added a system that prevent the records to extract twice their documents
  • Native php session support added on bootstrap file
  • Two teasers on the default theme are now linked to the related content pages
  • Theme session switched from cookie to native php session
  • Added a loading wheel on the installer
  • clear_cache() method has been slighlty improved (model_pages)
  • Output class new function: get_cachefile()
  • Added the new logo on the left side of the header
  • Corrected the “Publish” bug on the record edit (only on Pages content types)
  • Current theme name will be appeded to page cache files (prevent the same filename issue on different themes - issue #66)
  • Now each content type have its own “feed” view, so you can choose how to render each one

v 0.7.19 (2011-10-17)

  • Cache will not be written when the environment is in staging mode (issue #63)
  • Added a cookie to let know a logged user if we have to skip the page-cache thing
  • Issue #62 corrected - empty categories generates a query error
  • Issue #52 - new PDF generate functions: dispatcher_print and dompdf support added (thx @alexmaroldi)

v 0.7.18 (2011-10-15)

  • Content type list view will be rendered also when there are no records
  • Unserialize fix on the settings model
  • New favicon!
  • Added support for CDATA sections on the xml feed (second param - array - of the add_item() function on the feed lib)

v 0.7.17 (2011-10-14)

  • Added a “bracket” open-close system to CI Active record
  • Search queries on the default dispatcher now uses the bracket system to chain conditions
  • Unserialized error log patch

v 0.7.16 (2011-10-13)

  • New setting: Maintenance mode (useful for closing temporary the website)
  • You can choose between “require login” and “maintenance message”
  • Corrected a bug on the datetime fields (only affects the XML columns)

v 0.7.15 (2011-10-12)

  • The function “render_template” of the view class now accepts a fourth parameter to return the output instead echoing it
  • The default dispatcher now can handle the pdf files
  • New class added: Dispatcher_print (@alexmaroldi is working on it)

v 0.7.14 (2011-10-12)

  • Bug fix corrected on the installer (some people were getting stuck) - thx Marco Solazzi

v 0.7.13 (2011-10-11)

  • Output class now include the GET request when making and retrieving cache files
  • Date publish will not be updated when a record will be published

v 0.7.12 (2011-10-10)

  • Dispatcher limit count speed have been improved
  • Adding a “search” GET param now let you filter through a content list
  • Added a “or_like” function on the Records model

v 0.7.11 (2011-10-09)

  • Now is possible to change the administration public path (check the index.php bootstrap file)
  • Documents will be extracted using a single query for all the records (big speed improvement)
  • Filenames now will be encrypted by default when uploaded

v 0.7.10 (2011-10-08)

  • View blocks and sections are live! (experimental)
  • Automatic meta description implementation
  • Users got a “admin_lang” field with the language used in the administration
  • Little refactors of the Settings model

v 0.7.9 (2011-10-04)

  • Experimental use of “block templates”
  • Fixed a bug on the “published” field of the content types
  • Image dispatcher routes now allows uppercase extensions
  • Fixed a bug on the route action (website controller)

v 0.7.8 (2011-10-03)

  • Multilanguage URI support (issue #51)
  • Website homepage is now a record (of type page)
  • Some fixes on the footer of the front-end themes
  • Language will be also included on new records if the content type supports it
  • New administration panel: themes

v 0.7.7 (2011-10-01)

  • New sidebar icons (fieldset node - xml scheme)
  • Description node slightly changed (xml scheme)

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